About Us

What we are:

PNGequipment provides a web-based service to oil and gas professionals looking to purchase and sell oilfield equipment. We are an affiliate of PNGexchange.com, which has garnered widespread industry exposure with many of industry’s top producers using its service. Based on the same principles, PNGequipment.com benefits companies selling equipment by allowing them to reach the maximum number of interested parties in the marketplace at the lowest possible cost. Conversely, it allows a company interested in buying equipment to see what is available throughout industry. PNGequipment.com is the quickest and most cost-effective way for buyers and seller to connect.

How it works:

Anyone can view available equipment on our website at no cost. PNGequipment does not get involved in transactions and does not charge a commission or fee if transactions are completed. Please contact us for pricing regarding listing your equipment for sale.

Why use PNGequipment:

  • Easy to use - you can post an equipment listing in 5 to 10 minutes
  • Convenient - you can post equipment yourself. This also allows you to add, edit, update and remove listings at any time instantly.
  • Time effective - it saves you valuable time and energy. The initial and nominal effort of posting on PNGequipment.com will ensure maximum viewing by industry.
  • Cost effective - this is the most inexpensive form of advertising within oil and gas. There is no need to purchase space for certain ad sizes or time frames. Equipment listings will be posted for as long as required, or as little time as it takes.
  • Central - it is the place companies look for available equipment.
  • Multiple Uses - you can post used surplus or new equipment including compressors, separators, tanks, dehys, and much more.

Contact information:

Contact information:

PNG Equipment
Email: info@pngequipment.com
Suite 1600, 144-4th Ave SW Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2P 3N4